Veterinary Clinic Brancoveanu

Because animal care and wellness are the main objective of the team of Regatul Animalelor, the main concern is to prevent their illness.

Our medical office is designed as a proximity veterinary clinic which supports the owners of the surroundings. It features basic means of investigation and provides:

  • information concerning aspects of the disease or how we should care for your pet properly.. 
  • documented answers to your questions
  • routine medical examinations (so as to ensure that we maintain our animal health)
  • internal and external deworming plus information on new products and new guidelines
  • vaccinations according to the latest protocols
  • treatments as they were formulated by our doctors or other doctors from other veterinary clinics
  • drugs that will be administered by your home
  • basic surgery
  • health cards summarizing the treatments performed to always have a history as accurately as the patient
  • microchipping and registration in RECS (Registrul de Evidență al Câinilor cu Stăpân)
  •  and many others in a friendly and professional atmosphere.

 When the medical staff here believes that it takes more investigation they may make recommendations to goto the Veterinary Clinic in Panduri or other offices / specialists with whom we collaborate. That way we know that animals receive the best investigations and treatments

Our clinic has places / spaces for individual accommodation, so that if the patient needs to be hospitalized for medical supervision or treatment application during the day, our colleagues can provide more details.

If you need a therapeutic treatment applied to the skin such as therapeutic regular shampooing our colleagues are happy to help, the clinic has the advantage of both facilities and experience. Thus you will have a healthy and happy pet home without difficulties.

Address: Brancoveanu Street  No.75,
Sector 4, Bucharest, RO

031 - 429 48 31
0755 688 589


Monday-Friday: 8:00 - 21:00
Saturday: 10:00 - 18:00
Sunday: 10:00 - 16:00

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