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Regatul Animalelor Veterinary Clinic believes that continuous training is the basis of evolution. By doing this our medical team is on the latest news.

The novelty of the concept of "Regatul Animalelor - Veterinary Services" also comes from the Western approach to methods of diagnosis and treatment, our staff preparing continually referring to the latest guidelines and therapeutic plans, attending last papers, workshops, symposiums and congresses to provide the more modern and efficient means of treatment.

We are open to other colleagues in the field to share knowledge.

Dr. Rares Capitan is a founding member and president of the Romanian Society of Veterinary Dermatology. Along with other colleagues who share the same passions regularly organizes scientific events across the country.

Panduri Clinic consists of a waiting room with separator for dogs and cats. Because the waiting time to be as short and as possible(some pets need a consultation with a longer time), there are always available to owners two consultation rooms. We put safety first for animals, so surgery room is equipped with inhaled anesthesia and patient monitoring throughout the operations. Because the patient should be supervised by medical staff and after the surgery he will remain hospitalized in intensive care until doctors decide that it can be discharged and cared for by the owner home safely. We know time is very precious today. In the clinic's pharmacy you can find most of the products that will be prescribed by doctors. Because an animal must be healthy and also beautiful we can find in our clinic a department of cosmetics for dogs and cats. Here you can discuss the latest trends in the field with our colleagues. Special veterinary diets, food quality, especially for a biscuit and a special pet accessories you can find them all and not just that in allocated generous space for pet shop and colleagues at the reception will always be happy to provide additional information.

The clinic is equipped with laboratory blood tests (biochemistry and hematology), microscopy tests, antibiotic tests and testing dermatophytes confirmatory rapid test for infectious diseases, covering most therapeutic areas.

In order to provide best medical treatment, our doctors maintain close professional relationship with many local and foreign specialist doctors who can perform needed laboratory clinical signs or pictures of your animal.

Dr. Rareş Căpitan                   Dr. Marius Mirea                      As. Lucian Bărăscu  

Dr. Florin Palamaru                Dr. Silvia Sămăreanu             As. Alexandra Bragadireanu                     

As. Adina Delean                    As. Alexandra Mariniuc           As. Larisa Rotaru                      

Cosmin Tăbîrcă                        Alina Căpitan                         Geanina Vasilescu

Gabi Bucurescu

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